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The growth of a choral organization is not a sprint; it's a marthon! While The Business of CHOIR offers lots of insight and kickstarting ideas, the path of progress is larger than just one resource. Both Emmy and Alex are eager to partner with your choir on your journey of unlimited growth and magnified impact. Consulting services can help your choir's board, staff, school, church, and even community leadership take your choral organization to the next level.

Emmy and Alex are very willing to work with you (or connect you to other knowledgeable consultants) on these particular topics related to The Business of CHOIR:

  • Board fundraising

  • Board management

  • Board recruitment

  • Building an organizational budget

  • Building community partnerships

  • Conducting a job search

  • Delegation amongst staff, board, and volunteers

  • Diversifying fundraising strategy

  • Diversity, equity, inclusion, and access in the arts

  • Donor strategy

  • Evaluation tools for choirs

  • Incorporating a nonprofit/LLC from the ground up

  • Leadership development for choral directors

  • Mission development

  • Nonprofit governance

  • Nonprofit/governmental compliance (U.S.)

  • Organizational fundraising

  • Paid personnel pathfinding

  • Personnel management

  • Political activities permitted of choral organizations

  • Recruitment and retention strategy

  • Social media marketing

  • Storytelling/messaging

  • Strategic planning

  • Traditional marketing mediums

  • Finance through a choral lens

  • Volunteer management

Even with all this, Emmy and Alex are more than just The Business of CHOIR! Both are eager and excited to work with you on any number of musical and professional pursuits. Whether it's as a consultant, clinician, conductor, or presenter, Alex and Emmy hope to chat with your further!


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